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Our quality policy for promotional information

Johnson & Johnson Santé Beauté France has always been committed to patients and healthcare professionals on the quality of the products made available to them, as well as on promoting their proper use.

In October 2014, the new “Charte de l’information par démarchage ou prospection visant à la promotion des medicaments” (or promotional information charter) was signed between LEEM and CEPS. A new certification referential was published by the HAS in March 2016 and updated in March 2017. This document enables the implementation of new guarantees for quality information and safe use of medicines, everywhere. Our certificate of compliance for the activity of information by canvassing or prospecting aimed at the promotion of medicines (according to the March 2017 reference document) is dated June 28, 2021.

In this context, we have embarked on a certification process for our promotional activities aimed at healthcare professionals for our covered drugs.

This quality policy has the following objectives:

· Promote the proper use of our medicines among healthcare professionals,

· Interact and collaborate with healthcare professionals in compliance with the ethical codes governing the pharmaceutical industry,

· Maintain a clear and unequivocal distinction between our promotional information activities through canvassing and our non-promotional drug information activities in contact with healthcare professionals.

· Make our promotional information activities part of a continuous improvement process.

To achieve these objectives, our quality policy is based on the following principles:

· Bringing our organization and our practices into line with the Charte de l’information par démarchage ou prospection visant à la promotion des médicaments (Charter on information by canvassing or prospecting for the purpose of promoting medicines) and the certification standards in force,

· Continuous development of our staff’s scientific and medical skills, to guarantee the quality of information delivered to healthcare professionals,

· Regular awareness-raising and training of employees regarding the impact of their activity on the quality of JJSBF’s promotional information,

· Setting and monitoring quality indicators for promotional information, to ensure the continuous improvement of our organization and practices,

· The quality of our listening to healthcare professionals, to ensure their satisfaction,

· The involvement of all, through the communication of our promotional information quality objectives and their application to the company’s business lines concerned, as well as to our external contacts.

JJSBF is committed to complying with the promotional information charter and certification standards in force, and dedicates the human, technical, financial and organizational resources required to implement this quality policy, which is reviewed every year with a view to continuous improvement.