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Empowered healthcare starts with you

That’s what we believe at Kenvue. We’re the same iconic brands you know and can trust, backed by more than 135 years of research and development, now housed under a dedicated umbrella of continuous innovation. Our top priority is helping you serve your patients and drive better health outcomes.

Our brands

From a patient’s first visit to the doctor to ongoing care at home – our products deliver safe, effective, everyday care at every stage of life.

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Self care

Our self-care brands offer new ways for consumers to take the power of their health into their own hands with over-the-counter medicines and naturally inspired solutions.

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Skin health & beauty

Our skin health & beauty brands bring together next-generation science and partnerships with skin experts to create high-performance products for healthy skin.
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Essential health

Our essential health brands have been raising standards of personal care across baby care, wound care, oral care and sanitary protection for generations.

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Infusing extraordinary innovation into everyday healthcare

With more than 135 years of experience generating clinical studies and real-world evidence to develop and improve our products and brands, our proven innovation methods help you offer more holistic care to your patients around the world. Now, as Kenvue, we promise to continue investigating and leveraging the latest science and emerging technologies to supercharge your treatment plans.

SmartCheck™ digital ear scope from Children’s Tylenol®

The digital device helping parents manage the #1 cause of child doctor visits from home

Nicorette® Stop Smoking app

Smoking cessation app that puts personalized power in the hands of your patients to help smokers quit for good.

Zyrtec® AllergyCast® app

With AllergyCast®, your patients can track and record their symptoms and print their results to share with you during future visits.

Find local resources for our brands

We’ve created regional resources to help you get started with our brands. Use your local professional page to find the latest research and get samples or resources to help you deliver the best care possible to your patients.