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IMODIUM® launches new Gut2KnowTM app: diarrhoea sufferers can now boost their gut health with personalised data


Gut2KnowTM by IMODIUM® is a new personal gut health app, which empowers diarrhoea sufferers to boost their gut knowledge and track and identify triggers for their symptoms, such as stress or diet.

The free new app, which is available across the Apple App Store and Google Play in the UK, launches as 64% of diarrhoea sufferers* say they want more support to better understand their gut health1.

The holistic gut health app allows users to track food, mood, and symptoms to identify their triggers, and ultimately build new healthy habits tailored to their individual needs. This includes learning modules to help people understand the digestive system, diarrhoea as a condition, and how gut health can be affected by aspects of everyday life – helping users make informed decisions and lifestyle changes.

Gut2KnowTM was carefully developed, using key insights from pharmacists, gastro-intestinal doctors, and nutritionists, in recognition of the need to not only treat the immediate symptoms of diarrhoea, but also the underlying mechanisms behind poor gut health.

Those living with digestive health issues say that too often they suffer their symptoms in silence2. Providing an additional option for this group, initial piloting of Gut2KnowTM found that overall the app felt easy to use and intuitive3. Overall, piloting feedback also found it felt like the app tangibly made a difference to people during the three week trial4. All healthcare professionals involved in early piloting said they saw a relevant and supportive role for the app within their practice and interactions with patients5.

A poll commissioned by the IMODIUM® brand found that 70% of people recognize that gut health is central to wellbeing6. And it is important that people truly understand the mechanisms behind the gut health issues they may face on a regular basis. Medical advice is still crucial in dealing with underlying health conditions and triggers such as stress, anxiety, mood, or food intolerances. However, Gut2KnowTM helps users to begin to identify triggers in their daily routines, which can then be shared with healthcare professionals to help further manage their symptoms and any underlying conditions.

Gut2KnowTM uses AI to analyse input on symptoms and food tracking to identify potential triggers. Through in-app learning modules it offers personalised and practical ‘things to try’ to help users build better gut habits, as well as providing regular health questionnaires to track positive changes over time. The app also provides ongoing encouragement to keep up progress through regular prompts and nudges. As people input more information on their symptoms and triggers, the app is able to provide more tailored analysis and richer insights.

Kenvue, the makers of IMODIUM®, has launched the app in the UK as the latest example of how the consumer health company’s brands leverage its expertise and marry science and technology to create innovative health products for consumers.

Angeliki Kazantzidi, Head of Marketing for Kenvue in Northern Europe**, said: “We know how disruptive diarrhoea symptoms can be and hope that our new Gut2KnowTM app by IMODIUM® gives people the everyday self-care insights they need to better understand their triggers, and make simple changes to help return to their regular routines. Gut health symptoms are too often stigmatised, which is why we want to demystify these health issues and help people find a healthy balance for their digestive system.”

An upset stomach and diarrhoea can be incredibly disruptive to people’s daily lives and routines, but symptoms can be effectively managed through a combination of professional medical advice, lifestyle changes and over the counter medication. Alongside the IMODIUM® range, which can relieve diarrhoea symptoms within one hour, Gut2KnowTM offers a source of support and fuller consumer experience, beyond the product, through digital personalisation.

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