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Shaping the Digital Future: My Journey in e-commerce leadership at Kenvue

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Over the past few years, the e-commerce landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation. What was once a relatively straightforward realm of online shopping has evolved into a dynamic and multifaceted ecosystem, further intertwining the commercial and marketing sphere. The rate of change and innovation has been nothing short of breathtaking, with new technologies, retail partners, consumer behaviours, and market dynamics reshaping the way we do business.

In my journey as a leader within Kenvue e-commerce, I’ve been at the forefront of these profound shifts. It is my job to ensure that we are able to respond to the pace of change and not only retain but build on our competitive advantage to future-proof the business. Whether it’s crafting digital marketing strategies, jointly optimising our supply chain to deliver E2E customer value, or ensuring data-led commercial execution, my role is really varied. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities that require adaptability and agility. It’s a career where upskilling isn’t just encouraged; it’s a necessity.

What truly makes my role special is the people I have the privilege to work with. In e-commerce, collaboration is key. It’s about a diverse team coming together with a shared goal - not just to sell products online but to realise our ambition of ensuring Kenvue is a digital-first business. The teams’ passion, insights, and expertise are a constant source of inspiration, and it’s this way of working that shapes our internal business process to drive stronger external impact.

I’m really proud to work for a business that empowers me to set strategy and make decisions. It’s a role that fuels my hunger for growth, where every challenge is a chance to learn, and every solution a step towards making a meaningful impact. I am inspired and this drives me to become a better leader every day.

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