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Kenvue skin health & beauty brands shine at 2023 American Academy of Dermatology meeting

Neutrogena®, Aveeno® and NeoStrata® brands showcased deep scientific knowledge and expertise in skincare sharing the latest clinical posters, product innovations and major skin health brand equities to dermatologists from all over the world at the 2023 American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

Thousands of dermatologists visited the brands’ booth, where they had the opportunity to learn about product innovations directly from the research and development scientists who develop the formulations, sales representatives, marketing and brand teams. The team shared how our brands leverage technology to understand the vital functions of our skin, the comprehensive science behind our oat products, and shared our latest sunscreen portfolio innovations – including our new tinted mineral sunscreen – a huge hit among dermatologists that were able to find their perfect shade match right at the booth.

Dermatologists enjoyed a gamified booth experience by visiting the different product and science stations; more than 5,300 dermatologists were able to receive Neutrogena® and Aveeno® bags and another 4,000 went home with NeoStrata® swag bags. For the first time, a “Residents corner” was also featured, which allowed the brands to thoughtfully engage with the next generation of dermatologists.


Brand ambassador Kerry Washington (far left) helped Neutrogena as the team hosted dermatologists and residents.

Neutrogena® also partnered with brand ambassador Kerry Washington to host influential dermatologists and residents for an elegant, intimate dinner. The event served as the perfect backdrop to facilitate insightful conversations and exciting social content for the brands and the dermatologists, including Neutrogena® Network dermatologist partners.

The company also displayed thought leadership in the industry by presenting 10 new scientific studies via posters, unveiling the latest research from its skin health portfolio. The presentations covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • Two separate sets of new insights in sun protection that can inform product innovation — the first showing how women with young children have a higher sunburn prevalence than other females, and second, a quantitative analysis that shows the light cast sunscreen leaves when applied on the skin is the key attribute influencing likeability and usage across all skin tones
  • Identifying skin surface biomarkers that are associated with future onset of atopic dermatitis (AD or more commonly referred to as eczema) which may lead to better understanding of how to identify children who could benefit from early preventive interventions
  • A one-week clinical study that shows the use of this novel 10% sulfur + 4% niacinamide lotion demonstrated rapid inflammatory lesion resolution following nightly application and reinforces the company’s robust acne care portfolio
  • Scientific evidence which demonstrates the efficacy of topical stabilized retinol in improving signs of photo-aging. To date, this will be one of the largest analyses studying the benefits of topical stabilized retinol in dermatology, and is authored by company scientists as well as renowned dermatologists.

“Our scientific innovation remains grounded in deep human insights and over 135-year commitment to improving the personal health of consumers,” said Fabiana Gargaro, Global Head of R&D Skin Health, Kenvue. “The research presented at AAD reinforces that commitment to consumers by taking a comprehensive, science-based approach to promoting healthier skin. We’re proud of the impact our scientists are making — delivering research that can form how people manage their skin health and educating them in choosing products that protect their skin.”

On Saturday evening, the company sponsored a science symposium with a panel of experts to discuss the STOP-AD Trial which brings forward important, new scientific evidence that could have the potential to make a difference in the lives of children with a high risk of developing atopic dermatitis. Caroline Tillett, Kenvue Chief Scientific Officer, introduced leading key opinion leading dermatologists Dr. Alan Irvine, Dr. Lawrence Eichenfield and Dr. Amy Paller, who presented the results from the study and discussed its relevance in advancing scientific research in pediatric dermatology.

Learn more about AAD 2023 on their website.