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Everyday care in action

At Kenvue, our impact is made through moments of everyday care — the care we offer consumers through our iconic brands and the actions we take to protect the earth every day.

Our Healthy Lives Mission strives to advance the well-being of both people and our planet. We deploy our science, operations, team members and beloved brands to nurture healthy people, enrich a healthy planet and maintain healthy practice.

We set Healthy Lives Mission goals and commitments to hold us accountable for demonstrating progress. Through everyday care in action — amplified by approximately 22,000 caring Kenvuers and backed by the resources of a global company — we aim to build lasting positive change for people, communities and the one planet we all call home.

Nurture healthy people

We advance the well-being of the communities in which we operate and equip them with innovative products and actionable information to make healthier decisions.

Our work is to put the extraordinary power of everyday care into the hands of consumers. We do this by raising the standard of personal care and tackling preventable diseases through our products and resources — empowering people to make healthier choices for themselves, their loved ones and the planet.

Learn more about our diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) and public health goals and commitments.

Enrich a healthy planet

We enrich a healthy planet by making responsible and renewable choices to help safeguard the earth’s health and resources, while managing the impacts we create.

Human health is inseparably linked to environmental health, and as the world’s largest pure-play consumer health company by revenue, our commitment to everyday care extends to the planet we call home. We’re advancing sustainability across our operations — from product and packaging design to material sourcing, manufacturing and transportation.

Learn more about our climate change, plastics, biodiversity, land and forest goals and commitments.

Maintain healthy practice

We promote our culture of integrity, ethics and transparency to build trust and create meaningful, long-term value.

Whether for people, business partners or our planet, our Kenvue purpose of realizing the extraordinary power of everyday care guides how we treat our people, innovate, conduct business and design products. We’re committed to continually earning a place for our products in consumers’ hearts and homes, and we do this by delivering safe, effective products that support healthy people and planet.

Learn more about our sustainable product innovation and product transparency goals and commitments.