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Realize the extraordinary power of everyday care

Our purpose is clear. We believe that when people can count on care every day, it not only makes them well, it makes them whole—empowering them to engage more fully with the people, experiences and world around them.

Our values

We put people first

We stand for what’s right, even when it’s hard. Our work impacts consumers and colleagues, communities and generations, in daily rituals and in the moments that matter most.

This incredible responsibility means every decision and action we take is guided by integrity and quality. Because when we put people first, performance will follow.

We care fiercely

We’re driven to win for those we serve; and when we care fiercely for them and one another, we can deliver the best possible care.

Together, we create an inclusive place where we can bring our whole selves. Our committed collaboration fuels our relentless external competitive drive—because the stronger our bonds are, the stronger our brands and company are, too.

We earn trust with science

From best practices to best-in-class products, we learn, test, partner and optimize. Then we move fast to bring real solutions into communities, homes and hands.

With leading science and knowledge, we educate and empower — so that when people need us, they can rely on our brands. We’ve earned their trust for more than a century, and we work diligently to earn it every day.

We solve with courage

We see and solve for unheard needs. With empathy, we unearth extraordinary breakthroughs in everyday care, and with courage and conviction, we bring them to life.

We boldly pursue more innovative ways of working, pioneer solutions that improve lives, and create products that create categories — then improve them again and again.

Doctor recommended products In skin care, baby products, pain relief and more.
Years of experience Across our brands — redefining what care really means.
Global consumers The number of lives we touch around the world.

Our brands

From gently cleaning tiny fingers during a baby’s first bath to protecting the vitality of your skin to soothing aches and pains — our products deliver safe, effective, everyday care at every stage of life.

Kenvue black wordmark on green background

Our name

Kenvue (pronounced ken·view) is inspired by two powerful ideas: “ken,” meaning “knowledge,” an English word primarily used in Scotland, and “vue,” referencing insight.

With rich knowledge of human needs and deep consumer insights, Kenvue delivers meaningful, personal health solutions.

We rely on science

We’ve always prioritized science as the core of how we provide care, and this will never change. We unearth real solutions to daily needs and bring them to consumers.

Our leadership team

Our leadership reflects our consumers and brings to Kenvue a wealth of experience and diversity of perspectives.

Stockholders, employees and others may contact any of our directors by writing to them c/o Corporate Secretary, Kenvue Inc., 199 Grandview Road, Skillman, NJ 08558. Employees, and others, who wish to contact the Board (or any member of the Audit Committee) to report any complaint or concern with respect to accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing matters or corporate governance may do so anonymously by using that address. Stockholders, employees and others may also contact any of the directors by sending an e-mail. General comments to the Company (including complaints or questions about a product) should be sent to the Company at