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How our scientists turned a digital trend into reality

Band-Aid Hydro Seal Acne Patch in Bathroom Cabinet

Did you experience maskne (mask acne)? COVID-19 changed life for us all — from more time at home to less travel. But a far less discussed impact of the pandemic is its effect on our skin.

From mask-induced breakouts to stress pimples, skin has been a constant struggle for many throughout the course of the pandemic. During this unprecedented time, we have also seen a rise in social media use, with consumers looking to influencers or even friends for self-care and skin health tips.

In 2020, a skin care trend that gained popularity on social media sparked the use of the BAND-AID® Brand HYDRO SEAL® adhesive bandages to manage pimples—and has gained a whopping 264 million views.

The BAND-AID® Brand HYDRO SEAL® adhesive bandages use a hydrocolloid technology which has long been the advanced technology of choice for BAND-AID® Brand products. This technology provides optimal conditions to help the body heal minor wounds better. You may wonder how this relates to pimples—well, popped pimples are essentially wounds, or a break in the skin.

As a company grounded in science, researchers at Kenvue caught wind of the trend on social media and conducted a randomized controlled clinical study, which showed that our BAND-AID® Brand hydrocolloid bandages are effective and safe when used overnight for closed and popped pimples. This research led to the creation of the BAND-AID® Brand HYDRO SEAL™ acne blemish patches that have been clinically tested to absorb fluid from the pimple, provide an optimal healing environment, and are specially shaped for different parts of the face.

“The digital space has truly helped us highlight our consumer centricity as a company,” said Fernanda Bruzadin, who works in research & development. “Not only does digital bring us closer to consumers than ever before, but it also creates a funnel of exchange where consumers can share their ideas, and we can translate them into products grounded in science.”

In the digital age — and particularly on social media — it’s not uncommon for consumers to reach out to brands to share their likes and dislikes about products. But it appears a new trend is on the horizon — one where consumers leverage existing products to open brands’ eyes to new ways of usage — and we’re here for it!

Jenny Du-Soriano, a research & development manager in wound care at Kenvue, worked alongside Fernanda Bruzadin and the clinical strategy researcher, Gabriella John, to make this digital trend a science-driven reality.

“It’s not every day that a social media trend results in a new consumer health product — especially given health care trends in the digital space are not always accurate or safe,” said Jenny Du-Soriano. “But in this particular instance, because the trend was backed by science, it allowed us to utilize those consumer insights to unlock a new innovation that is both safe and effective.”