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Kenvue innovations: 2 new products help with pain relief, facial cleansing

Check out two new Kenvue products that advance care from Neutrogena® and Tylenol®.

At Kenvue, we’ve always believed in the power of new perspectives and insights to drive innovation. That’s why our iconic brands continue to prioritize safe and effective everyday care from home.

Kenvue scientists also continuously work to evolve the brands you know and love to provide an even greater level of care. Check out two new innovations from Kenvue which advance care from Neutrogena® and Tylenol®.

Tylenol Precise Cooling.jpg

The issue: Who doesn’t have minor joint or muscle soreness these days? Whether from an injury, overuse or working out, nagging pain or soreness can get in the way of just about everything else.

The innovation: Tylenol® Precise™ Cooling Pain Relieving Cream

Tylenol® Precise™ Cooling Pain Relieving Cream is a skincare-inspired gel cream that provides penetrating relief to help numb minor joint and muscle soreness with a maximum strength combination of Lidocain and menthol — without a prescription. This innovative, non-sticky cream with a light scent targets pain receptor nerves to block pain signals, making it ideal for use on everything from the back and shoulders to legs, hips, knees, elbows, ankles and other small joints.

Neutrogena Gentle Foaming Clenser.jpg

The issue: Between packing, navigating the three-liquid-ounces maximum and fearing your favorite products might get tossed at the security checkpoint, just thinking about traveling with toiletries can be tiring. Plus, when you’re on the hunt to find products that fit airport requirements, your ability to make good, sustainable choices can be a near-impossible mission.

The innovation: Neutrogena® Gentle Foaming Cleanser Bottle + Concentrate

Made with sustainability in mind, the Neutrogena® Gentle Foaming Cleanser comes with a reusable pump bottle and fragrance-free foaming facial cleanser concentrate in powder form. Remove the pump from the bottle, fill with water, and pour in the concentrate mix for a cleanser that gently dissolves daily aggressors such as dirt, oil, and makeup.

Designed with only seven ingredients, the powder concentrate turns into a full-sized 7.5 ounce cleanser. This dermatologist-tested formula is a cushiony foam that gently and effectively washes and replenishes the skin.