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5 new Kenvue products that made our year

Learn about Kenvue innovations in pain relief, skin hydration, sunscreen and more.

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2023 was the year of Kenvue! Every day, we see and solve for unheard needs. With empathy, we unearth extraordinary breakthroughs in everyday care, and with courage and conviction, we bring them to life.

As we boldly pursued more innovative ways of working, we pioneered solutions to help improve lives across the globe — including five new and groundbreaking products in their respective markets.

TYLENOL® PRECISE™ Cooling Pain Relieving Cream

Meeting pain relief with precision. Launched in August 2023, the TYLENOL® PRECISE™ Cooling Pain Relieving Cream is formulated with a maximum-strength combination of lidocaine and menthol for pain relief without a prescription. This cream targets pain receptor nerves to block pain signals and provide temporary relief from muscle aches and pains.

The new Zarbee’s® Children’s Gentle Bedtime line helps children transition from playtime to bedtime, offering parents a melatonin-free place to start when exploring bedtime support. Formulated with wholesome ingredients, this line offers a delicious gummy and syrup made with calming chamomile and natural honey, and a soothing room spray made from a blend of lavender and chamomile.

Aveeno® Calm + Restore™

Need to calm sensitive skin? Learn how to soothe and hydrate your sensitive skin with Aveeno® brand’s Calm + Restore™ line of replenishing skincare products. These products are developed with a Prebiotic Oat and Feverfew formula that soothes and calms skin while helping to nourish skin’s moisture barrier. Tested in more than 30 clinical studies and on more than 3,000 patients, the clinical benefits of Aveeno® Oat in dry skin have been demonstrated through extensive research across diverse skin conditions and populations.

Most mineral sunscreens have a major problem: They leave behind a white cast on many skin tones. The cast is caused by the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide used in mineral sunscreens, which physically block dangerous sun rays before they have a chance to touch your skin — and it’s even more noticeable on darker skin tones.

Kenvue scientists sought to solve that issue by adding tint to counteract the cast and created a mineral sunscreen that appears invisible on every skin tone. This tinted broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen also contains antioxidant vitamin E to nourish skin, is made from naturally sourced ingredients and is clinically proven to be gentle on the skin’s surface.

NEOSPORIN® + Lidocaine First Aid Antibiotic Ointment with Numbing Pain Relief

Infection protection and numbing all in one? Yes, please. We know that NEOSPORIN® antibiotic products kill germs, can help prevent infection and heal your wounds up to four days faster versus a bandage alone.

This new antibiotic ointment provides 24-hour infection protection, plus fast-acting Lidocaine to reduce pain by numbing the area. For everything from minor cuts to scrapes or burns, this dual technology will protect your wounds and reduce pain while they heal.