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Meet the Kenvue product tester who has worked with our brands for 20 years

Kenvuer Christine Young

Making an impact is part of the job description at Kenvue, but what is it actually like to be a Kenvuer? Our diverse, agile and energized teams solve needs with science-backed, care-forward experiences, and Kenvuer Christine Young is no exception.

Get an insider’s view of a day in her life as director of R&D Analytical and Microbiology, where she supports Kenvue skin health and essential health brands.

Tell us about your work at Kenvue.

Our team sits within research and development: We’re responsible for not only testing the products but the methodology used to test them. We conduct stability testing, which stresses packaged products under temperature, mimicking store-like conditions — including light, heat, and any potential extremes — to make sure that it is up to the level of quality that we expect it to be.

When did you start working with Kenvue brands?

I started working on these brands 20 years ago this year, but it’s a little unique in that this has been my only job. I haven’t worked anywhere else. One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “What’s made you want to stay here for so long?” My response is always two things — the people and the challenge.

Supporting a consumer products business never feels dull. I’ve been able to work on everything from cosmetic products and baby shampoos to sunscreens and acne products to oral care… The overall diversity in the portfolio makes it interesting for me.

What are a few words you would use to describe working at Kenvue?

Exciting and inspiring. We’re constantly challenged every day to think of new ways of doing things. And in my role, I have the ability to influence ways of working and look at how we can continue to grow in the future. We have really strong brands we’re working with, and I feel really enthusiastic and inspired by what could be on the horizon for us.

What is something exciting you’re currently working on?

In general, we’re working on how we can be more consumer-facing. We’re looking at our development processes and asking how we can be even more consumer-centric in the context of being our own company.

What are some of the rewarding elements of your job?

We see everything from product concept and introduction all the way to how it performs in the market. Seeing that complete process and understanding how we can best support it with our science is always rewarding.

Lastly, what are the essentials in your medicine cabinet?

Since I have kids and we are always outdoors — Neosporin® and BAND-AID® Brand bandages for all the scrapes. Tylenol®, because you never know if someone is going to get sick, and you will always find Listerine in our bathroom.