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Nurture healthy people

We aim to advance the well-being of the communities in which we operate and equip them with innovative products and actionable information to make healthier decisions every day.

Our work is to put the power of everyday care into the hands of consumers around the world. We do this by raising the standard of personal care and tackling preventable diseases through our products and resources — empowering people with the tools to make healthier choices for themselves, their loved ones and the planet.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

We start with our team and take actions every day to foster an inclusive, equitable and diverse workplace culture and to create a sense of belonging for all. We believe that bringing diverse backgrounds and perspectives together helps us drive innovation and deliver solutions that exceed consumer expectations and create long-term value. Our DEI approach is based on three strategic pillars: Workforce, Workplace and Marketplace. These pillars are designed to accelerate how we provide health and well-being solutions to Kenvuers, customers and consumers in the markets in which we operate.

Our goals & commitments:

  • Strengthen the representation of women at all management levels1 to reflect the markets in which we operate
  • Strengthen ethnic representation2 within our U.S. workforce at all management levels1 to reflect the markets in which we operate
  • Pay all Kenvuers3 equitably based on role, experience, market competitiveness and performance
  • Achieve a company-wide Inclusion Index Score4 in the top quartile
Scientists working in the laboratory

A workforce that reflects our world

We champion diversity and take meaningful actions so that our workforce is representative of the markets in which we operate, with a focus on strengthening the representation of women globally and diverse ethnicities in the U.S. at all management levels.
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A workplace where everyone belongs

We promote an open, inclusive and respectful culture that allows each Kenvuer to maximize their contributions to our work, our Company and the communities in which we operate. Among other things, Employee Resource Groups (known as the Kenvuer Impact Network) are voluntary, employee-led groups that are designed to foster an inclusive workplace, enhance engagement, and bring together colleagues across the global organization.
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A marketplace that serves all people

Our brands are committed to developing products, experiences and innovations that reflect the diversity of our global consumers and their health and well-being needs. For example, the Neutrogena® Purescreen+™ Mineral UV Tint Face Liquid Sunscreen range was designed to be inclusive of varying skin tones with four flexible shades and the Johnson’s® Blackinho Poderoso line was created for children with curly hair.

Workforce health, safety & well-being

Our commitment to safety and quality fosters a culture where all colleagues are dedicated to ensuring safe and effective products, and to keeping each other safe, healthy and supported physically, emotionally and financially.

Woman in a hard hat and safety goggles HLM

Physical well-being

Our belief that daily care rituals have a profound cumulative impact on well-being informs our approach to team member physical health. We reinforce healthy behaviors, enable access to care and provide a safe workplace for our colleagues.
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Emotional well-being

We help team members feel engaged and build resiliency through specialized emotional support resources, empowering them to be productive and connected at home and at work.
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Financial well-being

We empower team members with knowledge and resources to manage finances and achieve financial security.

Public health

Nurturing healthy people goes beyond our products and their role in moments of everyday care. Kenvue Cares, our social impact platform, is committed to creating meaningful, long-term value for our communities through volunteerism, humanitarian aid and brand purpose programs. Together, Kenvuers use their talent, passion and resources to nurture healthy people, enrich a healthy planet and ultimately build positive change for communities around the world.

Our goals & commitments:

  • Advance community health and well-being through a culture of caring and encouraging employee volunteer service
  • Help restore the dignity of everyday care for vulnerable and displaced people around the world
  • Create positive environmental and social impacts through brand purpose programs led by our top brands
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Caring for communities where we work and live

Kenvue aims to create a culture of caring through developing a ritual of volunteerism where we can have the greatest impact as a global leader in personal health and wellness.
Heart to heart hygiene kits

Restoring the dignity of personal care

We support charitable organizations with monetary and in-kind product donations to aid recovery efforts to help those in need care for themselves and those they love during difficult times.
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Leading meaningful action through our brands

Founded in Germany, o.b.® has been empowering women with innovative and reliable menstrual cycle solutions for more than 70 years. The brand collaborated with the German Soccer Association’s (DFB) national women’s team for the #LetsTalkPeriods campaign. The DFB partnership featured an entire sports team of advocates talking openly to demystify the menstrual cycle, bring gynecological insights, and create a taboo-free society around the topic.

Read more about our commitments

We set Healthy Lives Mission goals and commitments to hold us accountable for demonstrating progress.

Enrich a healthy planet

We strive to enrich a healthy planet by making responsible and renewable choices to help safeguard the earth’s health and resources.

Maintain healthy practice

We believe in promoting a culture of integrity, ethics and transparency to build trust and create meaningful, long-term value.

1. All management levels including manager, director, vice-president and above.
2. Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Other Ethnic Racial Diversity; 2+ more races, NH/PI, AI/AN (Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaska Native). Workforce composition metrics are derived from data collected in connection with EEO-1 reporting.
3. All Kenvuers irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity or any other characteristic protected by law.
4. Inclusion index is scored as % favorable responses using the 5 pt Likert scale of “Strongly Agree – Agree – Neither Agree nor Disagree-Disagree-Strongly Disagree” across 12 questions: Senior Leadership is committed to building a diverse workforce; Senior Leadership champions an inclusive work environment where each employee is considered an individual; Sufficient effort is made to get the opinions and thinking of people who work here; There is equal opportunity for people to have a successful career at Kenvue, regardless of their differences or background; Diverse perspectives are valued at Kenvue; In my workgroup, it feels safe to take social risks (e.g. suggesting ideas, asking questions, making mistakes); I trust my people leader; My people leader holds people accountable for demonstrating inclusive behaviors (e.g. ensuring all voices are heard, being respectful); My people leader values team members’ perspectives even when those perspectives are different from their own; I believe diversity and inclusion are important for Kenvue’s success; I am treated with respect at work; I feel like I belong at Kenvue.