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Commitment to safety

Kenvue’s Commitment to Safety

At Kenvue, consumer safety supersedes any other factor in decision-making. We are committed to monitoring the safety and quality of our products and have existing systems and appropriate risk minimization strategies in place. We also have a formal process to evaluate concerns with the quality of product on the market, including counterfeit goods.

These include:

Implementing product and packaging security measures that help distinguish the authentic product from a counterfeit, and aid in minimizing the potential for tampering.

Improving controls in our supply chain—from sourcing of ingredients and manufacturing through distribution—to help minimize the risk of counterfeit products entering the system.

Monitoring markets and investigating counterfeiting activities in full collaboration with regulatory and law enforcement authorities to locate and remove counterfeits from the market, seize and destroy the manufacturing equipment, and prosecute or take civil action against the perpetrators.

Working with governments and regulators to identify opportunities to strengthen laws and enforcement efforts to ensure the integrity of distribution channels.

Training our employees on suspicious product reporting. We also extend brand protection training to law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, to help ensure a safe and secure supply chain.

Helping raise awareness of the dangers of counterfeit healthcare products and educating people in the role they can play in advancing the elimination of illicit trade.

Leveraging innovative digital technologies to enhance supply chain integrity, enable early detection of the presence of illicit trade, and more effectively expose the sources, networks and patterns of illicit trade throughout our global markets and channels. Our illicit trade analytics platform enables us to generate actionable intelligence and insights from numerous disparate data sources, both internal and external.

Engaging with external trade groups, alliances, organizations and agencies—either in leadership positions or as a member of industry working groups—to help collaboratively combat trade in counterfeit healthcare products. In any given year, our engagement and collaboration span multiple countries and groups, and activities differ depending on issues that arise.

We are also members of⎯and/or hold board positions on⎯several additional region-specific industry groups. Our robust process for alerting health agencies, customers and business partners of confirmed instances of counterfeiting, illegal product diversion or product tampering activities is governed by standard operating procedures and regulatory requirements.

As an output to these comprehensive strategies and actions, we strive to ensure that all who use our products have unequivocal confidence in their quality, safety and authenticity. We will continue to aggressively manage risks related to illicit trade to protect patients and consumers from potential harm.