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Emma Kenvue intern
Emma Lennon
Pennsylvania State University, Class of 2024
Majoring in Marketing & International Business
Interned in Consumer Health Marketing

I wanted to intern at Kenvue because: My dad suffers from a condition that affects his stomach, and his doctor says Tylenol is the only pain reliever he should use because of that condition. I wanted to work for the company that has made a direct positive impact on my family’s life!

I’m most proud of: The way I have developed professionally over the summer.

The best perk about being an intern at Kenvue is: The company store lol.

My favorite Kenvue product is: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sunscreen.

Other students should apply to intern at Kenvue because: Who wouldn’t want to work for and represent over a dozen iconic and widely known brands? Also, the people are AWESOME.