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Guest room essentials:
Stock these Kenvue products to host like a pro

woman unpacking suitcase in a guest bedroom


Does the holiday season also mean hosting season for you?

If you’re looking to wow your guests and host like a pro, we’ve got you covered. At Kenvue, we realize the extraordinary power of everyday care, including how to use our iconic brands to make your guests feel right at home.

Here, our top tips for stocking your guest space and upping your hosting game:

1. Make packing a breeze

Especially if your guests are traveling by plane, it can be difficult for them to pack larger liquid items like moisturizers and facewash, so it’s a good idea to keep those full-size items on hand.

Neutrogena® Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser for Sensitive Skin is a great option for all skin types. Its effective, yet gentle, formula removes impurities without disrupting the skin’s natural moisture barrier. (It’s also a good idea to stock the always-handy Neutrogena® Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes, for quick removal of makeup — and to save your towels from makeup stains.)

For moisturizing, Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion can help moisturize, smooth and repair dry skin — and works across all skin types.

To complete the skincare routine, or to help your guests prep for outdoor activities, include a sunscreen, like Aveeno® Protect + Hydrate Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, which provides all-day hydration and protection.

2. Stock the shower

There’s no better feeling than a long shower after a day of travel, and a fully stocked space with shampoo, conditioner and body wash gives guests one less thing to think about.

Transport to the tropics with the OGX® Nourishing + Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner, which strengthen and hydrate hair, plus a coconut, white peach and shea butter scent for an all-around sensory experience.

Don’t forget the body wash: Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Body Wash with Prebiotic Oat is a great option for all skin types — including those with sensitive skin. With soothing prebiotic oat, this cleansing formula nourishes and helps replenish skin’s natural moisture.

3. Don’t forget the toothbrush!

What’s one of the most forgotten items during travel? Answer: a toothbrush. Gathering oral hygiene options like a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash will help prevent panic.

Pair with LISTERINE® Fluoride Anticavity Toothpaste and LISTERINE® Total Care Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash for ultimate freshness. Not only do these products kill the germs that cause bad breath, but the fluoride formula helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and removes stains.

4. Prep your medicine cabinet

In case of any illness or discomfort, it’s important for your guests to have access to an array of pain relievers and essential health options that they might be too shy to ask for: