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Celebrating International Women’s Day:
Meet 3 inspiring women behind our most-loved Kenvue brands

Women leaders in the care industry are changing the world. Hear from Joahne Carter, Saba Rahman and Daniele Cavalcanti about their journeys and achievements at Kenvue.

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From left: Kenvuers Joahne Carter, Saba Rahman and Daniele Cavalcanti.

Kenvue is made up of a diverse, agile and energized team, united by an unwavering courage to see and solve everyday care needs with science-backed, care-forward experiences.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’re shining a spotlight on a few of our leaders and marketers who consistently broaden their horizons to reimagine what’s possible for everyday care.

Get to know the women powering your favorite brands like LISTERINE®, Neutrogena® and more.

Joahne Carter
Head of Commercial for Oral Care, U.S.

Having worked in both large and small companies and across many different industries, Joahne Carter approaches her work with the principle that there are multiple ways to accomplish success.

Most recently, Carter used this approach in the launch of a purpose program to help close the oral health gap in the Black community. Partnering with The Compound, a Black-owned agency, and a non-profit organization called IDID (Increase Diversity in Dentistry), they created a collaboration called “The Whoa Collection,” bringing together art, music and community impact.

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“It is startling that only 4% of dentists are Black, and yet Black people are 12% of the population,” Carter said. “Representation improves health outcomes. And I’m very proud of the entire team and the positive buzz and awareness we were able to drive.”

“We recently had a team meeting to reflect on the previous year,” she continued. “One of the comments that stuck with me was when someone said, ‘This team sees opportunities and gaps and works together to figure out new ways to accomplish better results.’”

This comment is realized by her and her team’s work on the LISTERINE® brand.

“I love the impact it has on people’s lives,” Carter said. “To me, LISTERINE® as part of a consumer’s daily oral care routine embodies our Kenvue purpose to ‘realize the extraordinary power of everyday care.’ ... And anytime I tell people I work on LISTERINE®, I immediately get a smile!”

Carter also reflected on how important it is to work for a company where women are represented in leadership.

“Seeing women in senior leadership roles at Kenvue is a testament to the supportive, inclusive culture of the organization,” she said.

Saba Rahman
General Manager Marketing, Neutrogena

Saba Rahman calls transformation the “red thread” of her career.

“It has been the core of everything I have done,” Rahman said. “It has taught me that any problem can be solved if we are authentic, stay true to the consumer and ask, ‘How might we?’ at every chance we get.”

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Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Rahman leads the Neutrogena® India business. And while she notes there is plenty to love about the brand that is close to her heart and her everyday work at Kenvue, it’s Neutrogena® brand’s “Benjamin Button” effect she admires most.

“Neutrogena® is one of the biggest brands for Kenvue globally, and yet, it grows younger every day — reinventing itself, rethinking what’s possible,” Rahman said. “And what amazes me is how we have been able to stick to our 70-year-old promise of no compromises.”

As Rahman looks ahead toward the results of her and her team’s work, she also looks back. Only ever having worked for Kenvue — and having spent one-third of her life at the company — she credits mentors, teams and leaders who have helped her along the way.

“The leaders who have had their doors and hearts open, always willing to roll up their sleeves to teach me and hold my hand while I learned, led from the front while being the wind at my back,” she said.

While being a woman in the workforce can present challenges even today, Rahman applauds Kenvue on its commitment to equal opportunity.

“What makes Kenvue among the best workplaces for women is the constant strive to enable us,” she said. “It not only identifies our unique needs, it also encourages us to demand what will empower us, ensuring that we are heard and are in a comfortable, productive environment.”

Rahman lives by the same philosophy she abides by in her hobby of writing poetry: “Poetry, just as life, shouldn’t be forced into set patterns.”

She says she would tell her younger self, to “find her voice, raise her hand and ask for a seat at the table.”

Rahman also has a favorite line from Meryl Streep that inspired her, quoting, “‘It’s amazing what you can get if you quietly, clearly and authoritatively demand it.’”

Daniele Cavalcanti
Senior Marketing Director, Latin America North

Daniele Cavalcanti leads local marketing across several popular brands in the Kenvue portfolio, including Neutrogena®, Tylenol® and Motrin®. With the help of the regional and segment teams, she works to deploy strategies for these brands and reach the ultimate objective of getting Kenvue products into the hands of day-to-day consumers who need them.

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Cavalcanti’s 19+ years of experience have prepared her to not only lead a successful team but also work in various roles across personal care and over-the-counter products. Her openness to different opportunities, markets and cultures broadened her perspective and taught her to embrace change.

As a leader of the marketing organization in Latín América Norte, responsible for driving Kenvue brands in 12 countries, Cavalcanti feels it is her past work experience that affects how she shows up as a team lead and the work product itself.

“I love the brand and products I work with because they deliver what they promise — a positive impact in consumers lives,” Cavalcanti said.

Cavalcanti has three Kenvue products that are part of her daily routine: “I am originally from Brazil and am now living abroad in Mexico. When I moved here, I felt the dry air affect my skin and turned to Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Water Cream. The texture is unique and a wonderful experience, but it showed me the power of hydrating your skin.”

Cavalcanti also shared her love for LISTERINE® and Tylenol®. As a busy, single mom to a 6-year-old, she prioritizes self care, noting, “Just like anyone, I don’t like to feel pain! It’s why I always keep Tylenol® in my purse for when a headache comes on.”

Working across several known and loved brands, she feels rewarded by the positive impact she has had on people.

“It gives me a sense of growth and achievement to develop talent, deliver strong results and grow our businesses, but most importantly, to be a positive example to my son,” she said.

Cavalcanti is grateful for her strong community through the group Women at Kenvue, which, she shares, is devoted to addressing challenges and exchanging learnings while intentionally creating the space and tracking equal gender opportunities.