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6 ways pharmacists help Kenvue earn trust with science

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At Kenvue, earning trust with science is one of our four core values — and we couldn’t do that work without the many scientists, including pharmacists, who are part of our global team.

Pharmacists’ personalized care helps millions of people feel confident in their health and wellness decisions, from impacting their self-care rituals to their product choices in a moment of need. At Kenvue, our collaboration with healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, provides us with important insights into the needs of our consumers.

To recognize World Pharmacists Day, we’re sharing six ways pharmacists are essential to Kenvue and our brands and how we’re supporting the next generation of pharmacists.

Hiring pharmacists

Kenvuers with a pharmacy background work in almost every function from Research & Development to Quality and Supply Chain to our Commercial Teams.

We also have a dedicated employee resource group that brings together pharmacist Kenvuers. Started by Kenvuer Pharmacist Stacey Ross, Director of Medical Affairs, the group supports the Kenvue purpose by providing the unique perspective of the pharmacist in the development of innovation, marketing campaigns, commercial strategy and healthcare professional education.

Engaging with retailers

Kenvue brands engage with pharmacists regularly through our retailer partners online, in-store, and through custom executions. For example, the U.S. Skin Health & Beauty team sends a “Pharmacy Bundle Box” to more than 2,800 retail pharmacies nationally with high-impact education content for brands like Neutrogena® and Aveeno®.

Providing expertise

The Pharmacist Advisory Board at Kenvue serves as a free global resource for any Kenvuer with a question for pharmacists. They provide a wide range of expertise to different departments across the company, helping to shape marketing campaigns aimed at healthcare professionals.

Meaningful connections

Our healthcare professional marketing teams engage with pharmacists through 1:1 interactions, conferences, meetings and trade shows. In September, the Nicorette® brand in Singapore sponsored the 32nd Annual Pharmacy Congress, where they met with more than 1,000 pharmacists to educate them about the latest in smoking cessation.

Offering education and training

The Nicorette® team in Malaysia runs training programs for pharmacists to learn more about smoking cessation and how to support their patients through their quitting journey. Additionally, the Neutrogena® U.S. team trained over 54,000 Walgreen’s pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on Rx induced photosensitivity training to help educate about the importance of skin protection from the sun.

Supporting the next generation of pharmacists

In 2023, the Korea Self Care Team launched the Kenvue Pharmacy Student Summer Internship program in the spirit of supporting the next generation of pharmacists, and to make meaningful contributions to the pharmacist community in Korea. This program aims to provide students with real commercial experience at Kenvue, the world’s largest pure play consumer health company by revenue, to help them learn various career paths as pharmacists. The interns have the chance to utilize their pharmacy backgrounds to deliver science-based product detailing and merchandising for our Self Care brands: Tylenol®, Nicorette® and Rogaine®.