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Nurdiyana Sudarsono headshot

Meet Nurdiyana Sudarsono: From product development to regulatory affairs

Growing up as the oldest of four siblings, Nurdiyana (Diyana) Sudarsono was responsible for buying bath products for her family. As a result, her interest in science surfaced at a young age in the personal care product aisle. She became curious about how the shampoos all varied in thickness, bubbles and color.

Many years later, that curiosity for bubbles and bath products has led Diyana all the way to her current role at Kenvue.

Her Kenvue journey

In 2008, Diyana was hired as a scientist in product development. Her years on that team gave her the opportunity to collaborate with others to formulate more than 20 products, ranging from sunscreen to baby formulations.

With the support of her mentors and coaches, Diyana is always ready to tackle what’s next, and after spending 11 years honing her craft, an opportunity came along for her to take a job in regulatory affairs.

How she gives back

Outside of her busy work schedule — and even busier schedule as a mom of three — Diyana is very involved in WiSTEM2D, a Kenvue program that seeks to give girls the tools and resources to advance careers in science, technology, engineering, math, manufacturing and design.

“As a 12-year-old, I never knew that my love of bubbles could one day become a career,” she said. “Through my work with WiSTEM2D, I want to introduce young girls to all the possibilities of science.”

Because of her success and involvement with WiSTEM2D, she was recently asked to co-lead a pillar for the Women’s Leadership Initiative in Singapore, which is working to incorporate this program in its work. In this role, she has organized workshops, served on panels and led activities that work directly with girls to spark their curiosity in such a valuable field.

Reflecting now, she said, “I hope my journey can show these girls that you should never be afraid to challenge yourself and try something new.”