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Kenvue innovations:
Zarbee’s® Children’s Calm Gummies, Tylenol® Easy to Swallow

Check out two new Kenvue products that advance care from Zarbee’s® and Tylenol®.

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We’ve always believed in the power of new perspectives and insights to drive innovation. That’s why our iconic brands have helped generations take care of themselves and their loved ones for more than 135 years. But how have these brands evolved since the products our great-grandparents used? Check out the latest breakthroughs from Kenvue which advance care from Zarbee’s® and Tylenol®.

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The issue: Ah, to be a kid again! Even though it may seem like their grass is greener, life is full of new experiences that can be overwhelming. Children experience worries, just as adults do.

The innovation: Zarbee’s® Children’s Calm Gummies

For the occasional worry bee, Zarbee’s® Children’s Calm Gummies help support a calm mind and body, so kids can take on the day. These gummies support healthy nerve function by working in tandem with the body’s natural calming abilities. Made from a blend of magnesium, chamomile and vitamin B6, this is a safe and effective option to calm occasional worry and support children’s emotional well-being.*

Zarbee’s® is the go-to option for children as they are drug-free, contain no artificial sweeteners, flavors or gelatin, and are gluten-free and allergen friendly.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The issue: There’s a reason why the saying goes, “It’s a hard pill to swallow!” Did you know that one in three people are averse to swallowing pills for a variety of reasons ranging from a general dislike to fear of choking?1,2 But avoiding taking needed medication in pill form could prevent a person from getting the relief they need.

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The innovation: Tylenol® Easy to Swallow

The latest innovation to come from the Tylenol® team is the new Easy to Swallow Extra Strength caplets and the premise is simple: Extra strong on pain, extra easy to swallow.** The brand’s new GentleglideTM Technology activates when wet for smooth swallowing, and among those who experience difficulty taking pills, this specialized technology has the ability to make pain relief a pleasant experience. As the #1 doctor-recommended brand of pain relief, Tylenol® is committed to providing consumers with the fast-acting, strong pain relief they need, even if they have trouble swallowing. (Use only as directed.)

**Easier to swallow coating than Extra Strength Tylenol® Caplets, among those with a preference.

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