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As a leading global consumer health company, we recognize that human health and environmental health are inextricably linked. Our goal is to help people take care of themselves and their loved ones everyday while also protecting the planet. At Kenvue, ethical and responsible material management is a global, systematic approach to the selection, evaluation, procurement, usage, and disposal across the lifecycle of our products.

Our Approach

Our foundational commitment to providing effective, compliant, and safe consumer products is underpinned by our product stewardship and social responsibilities. Our aim is to make decisions that will be right for our consumers and for the planet.

Kenvue assesses new regulations, sustainability, emerging science, and public sentiment to identify potential issues and/or risks that inform our materials selection. We have a consistent, global approach to safeguarding our consumers and employees from exposure to materials of concern.

We monitor emerging science, new regulations, and sustainability requirements to help predict and respond to shifting consumer and customer expectations. We are also committed to enhancing the knowledge base of all employees regarding Kenvue’s sustainability and product stewardship commitments appropriate to their responsibilities.

Collaborations are an integral element of our approach to helping to advance the science, and we routinely partner with regulatory authorities, industry consortiums, and governmental and non-governmental organizations to help shape policies which drive responsible product stewardship for the benefit of people and our planet. We partner closely with our suppliers and manufacturing sites to ensure our policies are appropriately implemented to consistently maintain high standards.

Last Updated: April 2023