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Rachel intern profile
Rachel Holzem
University of Texas at Austin, Class of 2024
Majoring in Advertising
Interned in Consumer Marketing

I wanted to intern at Kenvue because: Because of how innovative and consumer-centric the company is. I also wanted to be involved in impactful work and be surrounded by those who are passionate about making a difference in consumers’ lives.

I’m most proud of: Working on a team that has an impact on consumers’ lives. During my time here at Kenvue, I had the ability to contribute to meaningful projects and exercise my professional development skills by networking and collaborating.

I learned: At Kenvue I’ve been able to further develop and apply my market research skills, dive into analytical data, collaborate with my team members and meet Kenvuers from different departments.

The best perk about being an intern at Kenvue is: Being able to work with brands that you grew up using and knowing. The sense of purpose with the projects you are given is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling throughout your time as an intern. Working with people who are passionate about their job and brand is extremely inspiring and motivating.

My favorite Kenvue product is: Neutrogena® Skin Balancing Gel Cleanser

Other students should apply to intern at Kenvue because: Students should apply to intern at Kenvue because of the diverse experiences, incredible learning opportunities, involvement in truly impactful work, and being able to meet and speak to industry leaders and those who have similar career goals as you.