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Silvia Kenvue internship
Silvia  Osorio
Loyola Marymount University, Class of 2024
Majoring in Marketing
Interned in Customer Experience Organization

I wanted to intern at Kenvue because: As someone who has been using Kenvue products since I was born, I had a deep connection and appreciation for their beloved brands.

I’m most proud of: The extensive research and countless one-on-one meetings I conducted during the duration of my program. Taking on the challenge of becoming a mini expert in nearly six different brands was truly a rewarding experience.

I learned: How valuable it is to engage in meaningful conversations with everyone and anyone you meet. Walking into the office on my first day felt like I was at the first day of school all over again. The L.A. office cultural leads were very welcoming and ensured that everyone in the office was approachable.

The best perk about being an intern at Kenvue is: The opportunity to brag to everyone about what an amazing company it is to work for! One of the perks has been the chance to enthusiastically share with anyone who was willing to listen to all of the new marketing language I was learning.

My favorite Kenvue product is: The Aveeno® Protect + Hydrate Face Sunscreen with SPF 60. It smells so good. This product has not left my morning skin care routine since I first used it!

Other students should apply to intern at Kenvue because: There are unparalleled professional and personal growth opportunities. You are given the space to explore new areas and learn about household brands you see every day. You get to witness and be a part of all the hard work that gets put into your favorite products from start to finish.