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5 ways we are caring for our planet

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Some say it takes a village. We knew it would take a planet to create the kind of change our Healthy Lives Mission sought. So, we re-imagined our approach and enlisted our employees across the globe.

Here are five examples of how we are making a difference for people and the planet.

1. We made disposable more sustainable

In Brazil we reimagined our iconic Stayfree® sanitary pads for the consumers of today and beyond with the launch of SEMPRE LIVRE®️ ADAPT PLUS ECO. Made with 80% renewable-sourced materials, 50% less plastic and 100% recyclable packaging, this new, bamboo-covered sanitary pad is a great example of our forest and planet-saving efforts.

Read more about this new, more sustainable product.

2. We united with industry leaders to help protect the planet

We joined more than 60 other cosmetics and personal care companies and professional associations to launch the EcoBeautyScore (EBS) Consortium. This inclusive, global collaboration is focused on meeting consumer demand for greater transparency about the environmental impact of formulas, packaging, and usage of cosmetics products. Together, we will develop an industry-wide environmental impact assessment and scoring system for cosmetic products to help people make informed, sustainable choices to protect the planet. 

Learn more about the one-of-a-kind collaboration.

3. We partnered to hit the sustainable packaging bullseye

Neutrogena® joined the Target Zero sustainable packaging initiative in North America to help drive the collective impact of multiple brands changing consumer behavior together. The program designates which products use packaging that is refillable, reusable, recyclable, reduce the use of plastic or are made from recycled materials, making it easier for consumers to shop more intelligently and more sustainably. We can’t wait to announce even more brands joining the important mission.

Read more about the partnership.  

4. We put energy into renewable electricity

As part of our Healthy Lives Mission, our team sought to bring the largest digitally integrated solar panel installation in our network to Bangkok, Thailand.

Now installed and operational, the solar power system is the equivalent of three football fields and powers 13% of the electricity at the site with CO2 reductions hitting nearly 2,000 tons — equivalent to CO2 emissions from nearly 220 million smartphones being charged.

The World Economic Forum recently awarded this same facility a spot in the Global Lighthouse Network, an honor recognizing sites that innovate to achieve profitable growth without increasing their environmental footprint. This is our second manufacturing site to receive this prestigious designation, following the inclusion of our site in Helsingborg, Sweden in 2021.

5. We got our hands dirty to clean up the world

On World Cleanup Day, one of the world’s biggest civic movements to create a cleaner planet, 242 colleagues from our Central Europe offices rolled up their sleeves and took matters into their own hands. Together, the team filled 272 bags with over 1000 kilograms of trash in just a few hours, showing the power of our people working as one. 

Want to help make the planet a healthier place? Join us and apply through our careers page.