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Raphael Rinaldi

Meet Raphael Rinaldi

State champion Judo fighter, marathon runner, Dad, avid motorcyclist, and occasional blacksmith, Raphael Rinaldi, Manager, Regulatory Affairs, shares what has made his career journey at Kenvue an ever-growing experience.

Could you share your career trajectory thus far?

Today, I have two main roles. One, is to be an enabler of excellence for products, strategy, and claims for essential health. The second is to work across the Latin America regulatory team to map and identify capabilities that are needed to thrive and give our consumers what they need!

In 2011, I started as a trainee for a tech transfer area where I learned about the manufacturing process and different technologies that went into creating products. This opened an opportunity for me to work as a product development scientist in baby care and later moving into oral care. I have taken assignments abroad to fully surround myself in lead market processes, and later moved into sun and face care role, where I straddled two roles as both a principal scientist and also taking a six-month assignment with the marketing team. Here I got to work on formulations but connecting with our Health Care Providers, so they could inform their patients with the latest science on skin health.

Have you always wanted to be a scientist?

I have always been interested in many different avenues both personally and professionally. I wanted to have a job where I have the freedom to create and experience different things. To me, it is important for a person to always continue to push their own boundaries both physically and intellectually, and in my role, I am able to lead by example.

What other ways do you lead by example for your team?

Leading with empathy. Always.

When it comes to my team, it is important to remember that we are all just human beings. Some of my favorite conversations with senior leadership have been when they need to hop off a call to tuck their child in or take them to soccer practice – in order to create a culture for our people, we need to lead by example and take the time we need for ourselves. Take those 30 – 60 minutes to exercise, to cook a meal for your family, and don’t feel guilty about it.

What do you feel is one of the most influential parts of your role?

Besides people leadership, which ultimately is most important, I believe the role my team and I have is critical. We take a very complex concept and ensure it is digestible for the masses.