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Menopause myths debunked: Empowering women with Versalie™

Explore the truth behind common menopause myths and discover how Versalie™ is empowering women with resources, support and personalized care.

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Menopause is often misunderstood, but Kenvue is committed to changing that. That’s why we created Versalie™ to help women understand the phases of menopause for what they can be — a chance to care for themselves, starting with getting to know their hormones better.

We believe in a future where women feel heard, valued and seen, giving them the confidence they deserve. That’s why the Versalie™ platform offers consumers virtual care services, expert-reviewed content and a curated storefront of products all in one place.

By helping women uncover the interconnectivity of their symptoms, we can effectively help people navigate their hormonal wellness journey together. And because knowledge is power, we’re debunking four of the most common menopause myths.

Myth: There is nothing that I can do to help ease menopause symptoms.

The Versalie™ Difference: From supplements to skincare, Versalie™ offers a specially curated storefront of products, one-on-one virtual care visits with menopause-trained healthcare professionals and clinician-reviewed educational content, so women can confidently discover what may work best for their personal needs.

For more than three years, we’ve researched and analyzed products already on the market to curate an extensive storefront to support holistic symptom relief. Made up of products from third-party and Kenvue brands, the storefront provides individuals with a wide-ranging assortment of options to cater to their lifestyle and personal care choices.

Myth: Menopause clinicians do not exist.

The Versalie™ Difference: According to The Menopause Society™, only 31% of OB/GYN residencies in the United States offer menopause training as part of their curriculum, which can make it challenging for some patients to find quality menopause support and care locally.

Versalie CARE™ powered by Wheel, provides individuals with personalized menopause care from the comfort of their own homes, as well as access to Rx treatments prescribed by healthcare professionals. During virtual care visits, individuals will be able to discuss menopause symptoms, hormonal and non-hormonal prescription options, and everyday care considerations such as healthy eating, exercise, stress management and more.

Versalie CARE™ powered by Wheel, can provide ongoing support, including follow-up visits, to monitor treatments and help individuals achieve their wellness goals.

Myth: I will never get a good night’s sleep once I am in menopause.

The Versalie™ Difference: It’s easier said than done to sleep well and feel rested every day, right? Actually, no. Let’s just say a little preparation can go a long way.

Of course, if you’re up multiple times during the night with anxiety, worry, discomfort and night sweats, feeling rested each morning can be a lot more challenging. Fortunately, Versalie LEARN has tips and tricks that can help you find ways to sleep more soundly.

Myth: Menopause comes out of nowhere.

The Versalie™ Difference: Women experience a range of health issues as they age, making it hard for them to know when they’re entering perimenopause, and it can leave many feeling caught by surprise. In fact, nearly 6 in 10 U.S. women were surprised when they first realized they were going through perimenopause.1

Versalie™ aims to take away the element of surprise and guide current and future generations into a revolution of empowerment and education with the resources they need.

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