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Gender equality index

We believe that bringing diverse backgrounds and perspectives together helps us drive innovation and deliver solutions that exceed consumer expectations and create long-term value. Our Code of Conduct specifically articulates our responsibility to create an inclusive environment and to respect the dignity and diversity of all people.

Our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) approach is based on three strategic pillars: Workforce, Workplace, and Marketplace. These pillars are designed to accelerate how we provide health and well-being solutions to Kenvuers, customers, and consumers in the markets in which we operate.

A workforce that reflects our world

We champion diversity and take meaningful actions so that our workforce is representative of the markets in which we operate at all management levels. We believe in the tremendous business and societal value of promoting a richly diverse workforce, and our talent practices seek to provide equal opportunities for development and growth.

A commitment to pay equity

As part of our commitment to pay all employees fair and equitable compensation, we diligently monitor our compensation practices. We reward team members based on both their individual and overall business performance, which promotes outstanding performance and contributions by our people. We track pay reporting and pay transparency requirements around the world and ensure that we are complying with pay fairness and transparency regulations in every location in which we operate. Finally, we routinely conduct analyses to ensure that our pay practices are merit-based and that team members performing the same or similar work receive the same or similar compensation.

In France since September 2018, the law “For the freedom to choose one’s professional future” introduced the professional equality index with the aim of reducing the pay gap between women and men. From now on, equal pay for an equivalent position between women and men in companies is subject to an obligation of results, and no longer simply an obligation of means.

Each year, we measure the impact of the actions carried out within Kenvue France for better professional equality thanks to the gender equality index. In the form of a score out of 100, the index consists of five main criteria that assess inequalities between women and men in companies.

In 2023, our daily actions resulted in a score of 93/100 on the gender equality index.

• Pay gap indicator: 38/40

• Rate of increase gap indicator: 20/20

• Promotion rate gap indicator: 15/15

• Indicator of return from maternity leave: 15/15

• High remuneration indicator: 5/10

Our Val-de-Reuil manufacturing site obtains a score of 94/100 in the 2023 Gender Equality Index.

• Pay gap indicator: 39/40

• Rate of increase gap indicator: 20/20

• Promotion rate gap indicator: 10/15

• Indicator of return from maternity leave: 15/15

• High remuneration indicator: 5/10

Making diversity, equity and inclusion our daily way of working has led to many concrete initiatives: engaging our leaders in mentoring actions, raising awareness and training our teams to set clear expectations with leaders, be transparent with metrics and give them resources and training.

Kenvue has established Employee Resource Groups, known as the Kenvuer Impact Network. These voluntary, employee-led groups play a key role in supporting our DEI strategy and ensuring that we turn conversation into action. , One of these groups, known as “Women at Kenvue”, works to foster an inclusive and equitable workplace where all men and women have equal opportunities to thrive, by relying on a network of internal and external allies, allowing for a greater mix of profiles and open-mindedness in support of our purpose to realize the extraordinary power of everyday care.