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8 essentials to upgrade your baby’s bath time routine



At the end of a long day with your little one, bath time can seem like a daunting task. But science tells us it’s also super important: not just for keeping your baby clean, but for promoting social-emotional development and signaling to baby that it’s time to rest.

Most pediatricians recommend bathing newborns two or three times per week, increasing the frequency as your baby gets older. Here, a few Kenvue-approved bathroom additions to keep bath time bubbly and joyful for you and baby.

1. Wipes & washcloths

Both in and out of the bath, every item that touches your baby’s skin has a direct effect. Bathroom essentials like washcloths and baby wipes derived from natural materials, like cotton or bamboo, are especially gentle and will come in handy for all types of cleanup. For the especially sticky messes, grab an ultra-soft wipe like Aveeno® Baby Hand & Face Wipes. These fragrance-free wipes are enriched with natural oat extract, aloe and mild moisturizers to gently cleanse and moisturize baby’s skin without leaving behind any residue.

2. Bubbles

Bubble baths are always more fun, no matter your age. Johnson’s® Bedtime Bubble Bath makes bath time bubbly and can be used to help lull your newborn into a peaceful slumber. These bubbles have a blend of floral aromas that are designed to help soothe your baby and signal a wind-down from the day while remaining gentle on the skin, hypoallergenic and pH balanced. For extra fluffy bubbles, pump the baby bubble bath under running water while stirring with your hands.

3. No More Tears® Shampoo

Nothing will throw a wrench in bath time quite like shampoo in your child’s eyes. Johnson’s® Head-To-Toe Wash & Shampoo is as mild to the eyes as pure water and is specially designed to gently cleanse baby’s delicate skin. It also lathers quickly and rinses easily, for a simple, two-in-one cleansing routine.

4. Bath toys

As your baby starts to splish and splash through bath time, you’ll want to introduce interactive ways to keep them engaged and happy. Having a handful of toys can encourage learning and exploration. Toys with bright colors, toys that float or toys that fill with water and pour water out can help keep baby entertained. As most things do, these toys will likely end up in your baby’s mouth at one point or another! Be sure to keep an eye on the label and opt for durable plastic, silicone or other baby-safe materials.

5. Kneeling & elbow pads

While you bathe your newborn, you may find it easiest to kneel over the tub to wash, rinse and play. Save your knees with the extra support of a kneeling pad to act as a cushion from the floor. A matching elbow pad, which sits on the edge of the tub, can do the same for arms and elbows.

6. Moisturizing lotion

After toweling off, try a gentle massage with pediatrician-recommended Aveeno® Baby Daily Moisture Lotion. This nourishing baby lotion moisturizes for a full 24 hours and soothes baby’s skin from the first use. Enriched with oat flour, glycerin and dimethicone, this formula strengthens your baby’s natural moisture barrier and temporarily protects chafed, chapped or cracked skin. While keeping your baby’s skin soft and smooth, it also helps protect from the drying effects of wind and cold weather.

7. BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages

After cleansing, you’ll want to cover up any cuts and scrapes to aid in proper healing and protection — and bring a smile to your baby’s face! These BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages featuring BABY SHARK make first aid more fun for your child and protect minor wounds from contact with germs and dirt. These sterile kids’ bandages come in various sizes and are comfortable to wear thanks to a nonstick pad that won’t adhere to the wound.

8. Diaper rash cream

Diaper rash cream isn’t just for rashes, it’s also a great preventitive: Everyday use of a fragrance-free emollient cream can help keep diaper rash from occurring to begin with. Post-bath and pre-bedtime, treat the area with Desitin® Daily Defense Cream, which instantly forms a protective layer on your baby’s skin. Its fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested creamy formula goes on smoothly and wipes off easily.

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