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7 self-care ideas to reduce stress and prevent burnout

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When life gets busy, it can seem like taking care of ourselves is just another item on our to-do lists. But self care isn’t selfish — it recharges you to better handle whatever the world is throwing at you today. At Kenvue, we believe that everyday care, including self care, can empower us to engage more fully with the people, experiences and world around us.

Here, 7 easy ways to take a time out and take care of you:

1. Get outside.
Just being in nature can reduce stress, muscle tension, heart rates and more. Even a short walk can be a great pick-me-up.

2. Listen to music, a podcast or an audiobook.
Break out the headphones for a seamless escape to redirect negative thoughts or worries.

3. Have an at-home spa day.
Take a bath, do a face mask and let the pampering begin! Don’t forget your favorite Kenvue brands, like Neutrogena and Aveeno for a well-deserved skincare refresh.

4. Call someone you love.
The power of connection can turn a bad day into a great one.

5. Journal.
Sometimes the best way to release anxieties or stress is to just write down what’s on your mind.

6. Move your body.
A quick burst of movement can release endorphins, revive stiff muscles and remind you to check in with your body.

7. Think of three things you’re grateful for.
Routinely reflecting on the things that make you thankful can train your brain to look for them every day.