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Safy intern profile
Surafuel (Safy)  Tesfay
University of California, Riverside, Class of 2024
Majoring in Business Administration Information Systems
Interned in Consumer Growth and Performance Marketing

I wanted to intern at Kenvue because: I thought it was very exciting that Kenvue was a recently formed company, and I wanted to explore what it meant to be a part of an organization that was constantly evolving, while still serving the needs of consumers across the globe.

I’m most proud of: My progress since starting my internship, and the bonds I’ve been able to create with my team and fellow interns.

I learned: How to conduct data analysis and translate those learnings into actionable presentations. I was also exposed to multiple new platforms that have strengthened my knowledge in digital marketing.

The best perk about being an intern at Kenvue is: So much free merch from each of the different brands under the Kenvue umbrella!

My favorite Kenvue product is: Hydro Boost Sunscreen from Neutrogena®.

Other students should apply to intern at Kenvue because: There is a strong culture of learning, and the people here make it very easy to ask for help. If you’re looking for a way to elevate your marketing skillset while still in college, apply to Kenvue!