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‘It’s about connecting and helping each other’:
Kenvuer Eduardo Salas on Hispanic Heritage Month & Latino Leadership

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Eduardo Salas, co-lead of Kenvue Latino Leadership

While most Kenvuers know Eduardo Salas as Head of Technology for North America, he’s also the co-lead of the company’s employee resource group for Hispanic and Latino talent, which will be getting a new name, logo and brand identity during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Here, Salas announces the new name of the group for the very first time, weighs in on the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month and tells us about his favorite Mexican traditions.

Can you tell us about your work at Kenvue?

I currently work as the Head of Technology for North America. I love that I get to make an impact on our consumers using data and technology. Seeing how my team’s work improves how our brands and products show up in stores and online is really fulfilling. One of my favorite things about Kenvue is the people. I love working with highly collaborative and passionate colleagues who are focused on realizing the power of everyday care. I also love our brands. I use most of our products daily, and they’re an important part of my family’s rituals at home.

Kenvue is set to unveil its new employee resource group soon. Can you tell us what to expect?

The group will be called Latino Leadership at Kenvue, and will provide resources for Latino and Hispanic team members to develop, collaborate and grow. Latino Leadership will also specialize in recruiting the very best Latino and Hispanic talent on the market.

What makes Latino Leadership at Kenvue such an important initiative?

It’s all about community and bringing Hispanic and Latino Kenvuers together so that we can make the biggest possible impact on the workforce. We want to create opportunities that let the community engage with one another and really build a sense of belonging. We also want to make new team members feel welcome while ensuring that current employees know how to engage with Hispanic consumers, a population that is growing.

How do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

At Kenvue, we usually celebrate by finding speakers—think famous Hispanic people—to bring some kind of inspiration, to inspire Hispanic and Latino Kenvuers and help them realize what’s possible, and to show that you can use the traits of your culture in a corporate environment. It’s also a good time to deep-dive into insights on Hispanic consumers: How do they shop? What are they expecting from Kenvue brands?

We also want to create a space where team members can connect with senior leaders and hear from leaders that are Hispanic and Latino to get their perspective. I think all these things can really help our community grow.

Why is Hispanic Heritage Month so important?

Breaking stereotypes is one of the biggest challenges facing Latinos today. Hispanic Heritage Month is a great opportunity to bring more awareness and education to Kenvue and the world at large. It’s an opportunity to connect and share our different experiences, and to bring those experiences to the organization. How can we help people who are just starting their careers? It’s about connecting and helping each other.

What is your ancestry?

I’m Mexican. I was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and moved to the U.S. seven years ago.

What does being Hispanic mean to you?

Well, by definition, it’s someone who speaks Spanish… but it’s not just about the language. It’s about the culture, traditions and values you were raised with. For instance, family is a top priority for Latinos. We are extremely close to our families, we like to work in teams, we’re big on collaboration and bringing people together. Our culture is all about enjoying good food, music, art and traditions in general.

Do you have a favorite cultural tradition?

I love the Day of the Dead. It’s very unique. It’s a very deep way to celebrate the people who were once close to you, family or friends. Usually, you put a little altar up, with pictures of the people who are no longer with you, and you usually leave them an offering: their favorite food, for example. Maybe you place items around the altar that remind you of the person. Just anything that helps you connect with them.

What was the best thing about growing up Hispanic?

Growing up in an environment that teaches you that anything is possible. Because even if you grew up in places where you faced multiple economic or social issues or challenges, you can still go far by working hard, pouring your passion into something and keeping a positive attitude. Another thing I loved about growing up Mexican: We really do enjoy life. We learn to have fun, even when we’re working hard.

What makes you proud to be Hispanic?

I feel proud of the progress we’ve made as a community. I’m seeing more and more representation. Today, there are many generations of Mexicans or Hispanics proving we can be successful in science, tech, sports, entertainment. That’s what makes me proud.

What steps should Kenvue take to continue elevating and supporting the Hispanic community?

I think Kenvue should continue investing in employee resource groups. Every new employee with a Hispanic background reaches out and really wants to get involved. It’s important to have a strong group supported by strong leadership. It makes an impact in business and in our communities outside of Kenvue.

What are your favorite traditional Hispanic foods and why?

Tamales. I just love them. They’re difficult to make, and we usually only eat tamales on special occasions like Christmas or New Year’s Eve. They’re perfect for big events.

Any suggestions or recommendations for how others should celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

Just get involved and learn about the culture — and getting involved goes beyond taking a salsa class! That’s only one part of the culture. Yes, we like to dance, but there’s so much more than that. Get involved in the cultural activities we’re planning. Examine the data and insights we’re bringing about Hispanic consumer trends. Get involved, but go beyond the social aspect and explore every facet of the culture.

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