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Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets forth those values, principles and policies to which we commit ourselves every day. It is this commitment to doing the right thing and upholding the expectations set forth in the Code of Conduct that guides our success and strengthens our reputation.

Kenvue Integrity Line

We embrace and encourage an open environment where individuals feel comfortable asking questions and reporting concerns. The Kenvue Integrity Line is one important avenue to do so, available via phone or online, 24/7, in multiple languages. Submissions may be made anonymously. The website and phone lines are managed by an outside party to ensure we honor our commitments in a secure, confidential manner.

Thibaut Mongon CEO
To realize the extraordinary power of everyday care, we must continually earn the trust and confidence of those we serve. It is in this spirit that we have developed the Kenvue Code of Conduct.

In line with our Kenvue values, we are committed to building trust with our consumers, customers and partners by holding ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards in everything that we do. It is not only the right thing to do, but it is critical to ensure our long term success as a company.

To do this, our Kenvue Code of Conduct helps put our values into practice, setting forth the ethical principles to which we are all held, in every part of the organization. To conduct business responsibly and with integrity, our Code of Conduct is committed to empower all Kenvuers with an understanding of the laws, policies and standards that guide our activities around the world.

Thibaut Mongon
Chief Executive Officer