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Kenvuers in action:
Giving back and creating change

While making an impact is part of the job description at Kenvue, the impact of Kenvuers spans far beyond our walls. Kenvue is committed to nurturing healthy people, going beyond our products and the moments of everyday care.

Throughout the world, our team members use their talent, passion and resources to create meaningful impact in their communities through volunteer service and humanitarian aid. As a part of this commitment, Kenvue is excited to launch volunteer programs in 2024 that will help our Kenvuers continue to build the ritual of service as a part of our Kenvue culture.

To hear about causes near and dear to their hearts, we spoke to two Kenvuers about their volunteer work and experiences in 2023.

Kenvuer Pia Haneklau

Pia Haneklau, Communications & Public Affairs Manager, volunteer for Earthrace Conservation

In August of 2023, Kenvuer Pia Haneklau took a leap outside her comfort zone, but it was the skills from her daily work — communications, media and social knowledge — that gave her the courage to do so.

Haneklau chose to use her paid time off to join Earthrace Conservation on a 45-meter former U.S. Navy ship to help save wildlife and their habitats in the marine protected areas around Costa Rica and Panama. With no boat, diving or marine life experience, there were quite a few things for her to learn when it came to living on a ship for four weeks — crane operating, snorkeling skills (including removing barnacles from the hull of the ship), boat anchoring, daytime and nighttime navigation and how to become a “professional dog walker” for the crew’s anti-poaching and security dog, Appa, a Belgian Malinois.

Haneklau said it was hard to pick a favorite moment, but there was one day that stuck out among the rest.

“We had two times that we were swimming and snorkeling with a humpback whale and its calf,” Haneklau said. “And they were very close, maybe like 10 meters away. That was breathtaking and very special. And good thing we caught that on camera because otherwise, others would probably not believe it!”


At Kenvue, a core value is “we solve with courage.” This resonated on the trip for Haneklau.

“The largest impact of this trip is learning to solve problems as they occur,” she said. “Living on a boat, you will have many problems along the way, because things happen all the time.”

For Haneklau, her trip only scratched the surface of her work with Earthrace Conservation.

“This was the kickoff, and I will continue to find a way to continue supporting them,” she said. “What an unforgettable and intense time to ‘unbubble,’ get into new job routines, experience new leadership styles, new team structures and step out of the comfort zone.”

Kenvuer Julieta Hermosilla Rafecas

Julieta Hermosilla, EMEA Digital Commerce Shopper Solution Manager, volunteer for Leading Executives Advancing Diversity

Kenvue is a part of the LEAD Network (Leading Executives Advancing Diversity) and Kenvuer Julieta Hermosilla helps to further the network’s mission to attract, retain and advance women in the retail and consumer goods industry in Europe. Most recently, Hermosilla was recognized across the network, winning their Excellence in Volunteer Service Award for demonstrating an unwavering commitment to advancing their goals and making a positive impact.

Much of Hermosilla’s volunteer work focuses on the NextGen Chapter, a LEAD group that aims to empower the younger generation of professionals and to develop authentic business leaders of the future.

“Over the past two years, I have been actively involved, dedicating myself to fostering authentic and inclusive leadership,” Hermosilla said.

Hermosilla, along with her colleagues on the NextGen Chapter, recently conducted extensive research, providing crucial insights that help companies understand and adapt to the expectations and cultural differences of the diverse generations in the workforce.

“[My colleagues] are all amazing individuals,” she said. “They motivate me a lot and I learned massively … we celebrate progress, we share best practices and we connect. And the beautiful side is that we all come together and leave our competitive business side outside of the conference.”

But Hermosilla notes that she has her Kenvue colleagues to thank for how much she’s been able to give and the work she has been able to accomplish. She credits Kenvue’s Partner Ambassador Angeliki Kazantzidi and Charmaine England, who represents Kenvue at LEAD Network in CEO-level conversations, for nominating her for the award itself and encouraging her participation and time.

“If I could give them an award myself, I would,” she said.